Model Train Room


A model train room enthusiast from Herndon, Virginia contacted me to begin transforming his garage into a model train room. Something I’d never done before, so I jumped at the opportunity!


In the beginning, the area along the walls were fairly open- making it easy to paint. Once the mural was completed, the giant stage-like platform would become the base for the town and all the railroad tracks. But at the time, it just made a great table for laying out all my paint colors!


The overall look and feel for this mural was Pennsylvania in autumn- showing farms, rolling hills, a little white chapel and a lot of beautiful fall colors in the trees.


If you know anyone that is into model trains, you know that they are IN to them!.. It is a hobby that requires dedication, attention to small details… and a fair amount of expendable income. So it takes time to get everything just the way the want it.


Needless to say, I was thrilled to receive these pictures showing the finished product!



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