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All-American Tribute… for a limited time!

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010


Ok, it is SO not like me to actually write a blog post the day after I complete a project!… However, I wanted to share with everyone my latest public work- on Halfstreet just outside of Nationals Park baseball stadium in southeast Washington DC. The mural is located just a half block away from the stadium’s main gate. You will pass it on your right if you’re walking from the Metro station.

Here’s a view from the mural looking toward the metro:

A shot out to the fine folks at Akridge Real Estate for giving local artists a chance to showcase their skill in front of literally thousands of people! They rotate through artists- giving many people a chance to display their art on that wall- so the work only stays up for a limited time.

When trying to figure out what to paint, I looked at what other artists had done and decided on a good ole fashioned patriotic-themed mural… something that I thought would resonate well with Nationals fans and the regular metro users. I based the design on the expression “As American as baseball and apple pie.” Fitting considering its proximity to a MLB park. I was actually a little surprised at how many folks hadn’t heard that saying before, so consider this the official comeback!

I began my work on Friday, July 23rd during the Dave Matthews Band / Zach Brown Band concert. A great crowd, but WAY TOO HOT! Here’s a look at the work after Day One:

I came back last night when the temperatures dropped below 100. Beautiful night! My sister gave me the idea to add glitter to the fireworks for that extra sparkle- and that’s just what I did. So it has a little extra pizazz in the evening light.


Lastly, I added a special written tribute, “God Bless ALL those who have served.” I wanted to credit not just our outstanding military and veterans, but our police, firemen, teachers. To anyone who serves the public….. my hat goes off to you!