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Capitol Hill Garden Mural- Washington, DC

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008


Over the summer I completed this beautiful backyard mural off Independence Avenue in Capitol Hill. The garden faced a rather tall privacy fence and the couple wanted to add more depth to the back yard. The result was fantastic!

It started out like this….


First, the fence was cleaned and primed to create a good painting surface.


Next, the brick building that closed in part of the back yard was extended to add realism and the effect of depth.

Next, the sky was added along with extending the look of the actual wooden fence. This provided a gateway for the viewer to see the horizon.


Working around the flowers already planted in the garden was definately a challenging part! With the help of 2 ladders, I was able to move around the mural without interfering with the plants too much.




Once the mural was complete, a protective top coat was added for durability through all types of weather. The finished product is a view of the Capitol and a year-round garden to enjoy!