Pottery Barn Inspired Mural- Woodbridge, VA

Pottery Barn Inspired Nursery

When it comes to finding a source of inspiration- sometimes look no further than your Pottery Barn catalogue!… My client fell in love with the concept and asked if I could replicate the look. When faced with a question of ‘Can you do this?’… the answer is 99% of the time, “YES”… but the bigger question sometimes remains, ‘HOW do I do this?’

That is where us artistic types have to rely less on our creativity and more on our problem-solving skills!… I have no idea how someone else might have painted this pattern, but here’s how I did it!….

First I began by drawing out the grid with chalk. This involves measuring the points at precisely the same distance apart, making sure they are level… and then connecting the dots.

Pottery Barn Inspired mural

Next, I taped off the diagonal lines running in one direction. Because these lines overlap, you can’t do it all at once. You have to allow the paint to dry.

Pottery Barn design- working

Next, to get the look of the ‘stitching,’ while still taped off, I added the lines of background color. When the tape is pulled off, the look is clean and concise!

Pottery Barn design- working

Pottery Barn Design

Once the first set of stitched striping is done and DRY… you can begin going the other direction and repeating the method. Looks too complicated?… Give me a call, that’s what I’m here for!

Pottery Barn Inspired Nursery

Pottery Barn pattern

Lastly, adding the scalloped edges along the ceiling and a few rosettes create that delicate touch to finish off the look.

Pottery Barn inspired nursery painting

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