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Wild about Stripes!

Friday, October 10th, 2014


Why do I love painting stripes SO much?!… simple explanation: they always look incredible. And ANY room in your home can benefit from their clean, classic appeal- from dining rooms to nurseries to bathrooms. Stripes always, always, always look fantastic!


Sure, most of the time the stripes are verticle, but they can be horizontal too!


Painting stripes takes patience: Measure, level, line, tape, paint, peel, repeat. But I always find it funny when my clients seem to be apologizing for what they consider an agonizing, monotonous task. When the simple truth is- I love it. It is relaxing in its simple repetition and finite like a math problem- there is only 1 correct answer! I don’t have to stand back and ask myself “do I need to paint a tree in this corner? Will adding this building throw off my composition?” No way!


AND… unlike wallpaper- where you are limited to what’s out there- with stripes there is an infinate combination of colors, textures, and variations of widths to choose from. No two projects will ever look exaclty the same!



Gray- or GREY ( I can never get them straight! ) is a really hot color right now. Stripes are a great solution to using this edgy color while still infusing some brightness into the room. I just recently finished these pin stripes, ‘Classy’ said the young man. I couldn’t agree with you more!


So now that you know how much I love stripes, pick a room that you want to dress up a little and give me a call!