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2008 Washington DC Home & Garden Show

Sunday, March 30th, 2008


This past March I had the pleasure of participating in the 2008 Washington Home & Garden Show hosted at the new DC Convention Center. My overall goal for the show was to paint a spring-themed mural throughout the 4-day expo. I chose the theme of butterflies because I wanted to do something colorful and somewhat unexpected in its arrangement. The result is something I was really proud of- and quite the show stopper!

It began with a blank wall:


One by one, I added butterflies. I used actual pictures of butterflies I found online to help me paint them accurately.

homeshow-2.jpg< Despite working on the butterfly mural tirelessly throughout the show, I was amazed at the number of questions I got asking: A) 'Did you do that freehand?' or B) 'Did you use stencils?'... homeshow-3.jpg

The Butterfly mural at the end of Day 4: